Executive director

Gabrielle Costello

Gabrielle received her B.S. in Biology from Eastern Michigan University in 2014. She has always been interested in scientific research, and has participated in ecological research within the Great Lakes Coastal Wetland regions. She has been involved in non-profit wildlife rehabilitation since 2013, serving in a management position since 2015. In this role, her primary responsibilities include overseeing operations, community engagement, and staff management.

Gabrielle is also actively involved in non-profit organizations that promote and advocate for human health, women’s health and affordable medical care. Most notably, she holds volunteer roles at SafeHouse, acting as a co-facilitator in support groups for survivors of domestic violence. As her career progresses, she hopes to partake in more such roles within the medical community.

As the leader of the Recurrent Meningitis Association’s Management team, she is looking forward to applying her passion for community improvement, non-profit management, and scientific research in a way that will provide much needed solutions to those suffering from recurrent meningitis.

Gabrielle is responsible for the overall management of the organization and the execution and development of the organizations mission and vision.