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Along with the launch of the patient registry, we are also announcing our fundraising campaign to #SolvethePuzzle for recurrent meningitis. Our goal for the #SolvethePuzzle campaign is $5000 to support the operations of the organization including ongoing support for the patient registry. Every person living with recurrent meningitis deserves a chance at a long, healthy life. Your 100% tax-deductible gift today supports our ability to provide the patient registry and quality support for people with recurrent meningitis.

You can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation at the link. If you want to make your donation recurring just check the box marked “Make this a monthly donation”. Thank you for being a part of this community.

To date we have raised $1425 out of $5000.

We will fill in the respective puzzles in the image above when we hit each milestone until we reach our goal of $5000.

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When you shop at AmazonSmile through this link, Amazon will donate to the Recurrent Meningitis Association. Support us every time you shop!

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With these links you can create your own Facebook fundraisers to support the Recurrent Meningitis Association!

Benevity Causes

Benevity helps companies increase their impact by ensuring their supported charities receive funds more efficiently. If your company uses Benevity for their corporate giving programs you can select the Recurrent Meningitis Association to receive your donations.

About Your Donations

The Recurrent Meningitis Association (RMA) has come a long way since our founding. Through the tireless voluntary efforts of the RMA Board, the RMA has been able to help this special community in a variety of ways, from assisting members individually to providing resources to the community at large. We have begun making great strides toward better understanding for this disease and are excited about the future research that will be able to occur from our patient registry.

Our goals are many and require funding greater than our prior fundraising efforts can generate. To this end, we humbly ask you to remember the RMA in your charitable giving. A donation to the RMA is not merely a tax-deductable gift, but also hope for so many with recurrent meningitis.


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