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The information here should help researchers better understand what is currenty known about recurrent viral meningitis (Mollaret’s).


Completed research was performed at Aarhaus University in Denmark that helps to better understand the cause of recurrent viral meningitis.  Below is information provided by the investigators:

Identification of novel innate immunodeficiencies in patients with HSV-2 Mollaret’s meningitis
Dr. Alon Schneider Hait, M.D, Ph.D fellow
Supervision: Prof. Trine H. Mogensen
Department of Infectious diseases, AUH
Department of Biomedicine, Faculty of Health
Aarhus, Denmark

This study represents the first autophagy defect causing a primary immunodeficiency with increased susceptibility to viral infection described in humans which altogether suggests an important role for autophagy in anti-HSV2 immunity in the CNS.

Full free article can be found here:  Mutations in LC3B2 and ATG4A underlie recurrent HSV2 meningitis and reveal a critical role for autophagy in antiviral defense in humans