We’re changing our name!

We’re becoming the Recurrent Meningitis Association!
Over the next couple of months you will notice changes as we migrate from the Mollaret’s Meningitis Association to the Recurrent Meningitis Association.

Why are we changing?

Listen to our founder, Michael Hrehor, and Executive Director, Gabrielle Costello, talk about the change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you still be focusing on Mollaret's meningitis?
Yes.  Our primary focus will still be on recurrent viral meningitis, also known as Mollaret’s meningitis.  We will be putting more focus on using the term recurrent viral meningitis, but will still include the term Mollaret’s for a while since that name is still associated with the condition.  The medical world is moving away from using the name of individuals to describe disease and we believe that is the correct decision.
Why change the name?
There are many reasons we decided to change the name.  Some of them are:

  • Easier to remember name
  • Easier to remember website
  • More descriptive of the disease
  • Allow for more people to find us to get support
  • Allow for future growth to potentially support those with other types of recurrent meningitis
Will the website and social media accounts be changing?

We will be migrating to the new website https://recurrentmeningitis.org over the next few weeks and will be changing our social media accounts to reflect the changes as well.

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